The mysterious and dark evocators rule over the creatures of darkness.

  • Long-range fighter, damage dealer

  • Evokes creatures and attacks with them

  • Weapons: Rods, magic wands and ganthas

  • Armour: Leather and hard leather armour

The evocators, as pupils of earth God Endendros, possess the unique ability to open portals leading to other dimensions. These enable them to summon and control powerful creatures that can support them during battle or even heal them. With this powerful support the evocators are dangerous opponents. Furthermore they support their group with the help of crystals and weakening magic and hinder their enemy.

Equipment: they are armed with canes, magic wands and ganthas. They wear leather armour and hard leather armour.


Goddess Lapiris' smile gives the archers power and precision.

  • Long-range fighter, more mobile and flexible damage dealer

  • Weapons: bows, crossbows, daggers, one and two-handed swords

  • Armour: leather and hard leather armour

They are agile long-range fighters that can masterfully handle bow and arrow - thanks to their steady hand they always keep cool-headed. But even in close combat they should not be underestimated, as they can skilfully evade enemy attacks.

Equipment: so that they can move around easily they only wear hard leather or chain armour. Aside from bow and arrow they use crossbows as well as one-handed swords, two-handed swords and daggers.


Strengthened by the fire god Rumapark, these powerful warriors survive every battle.

  • Close-combat fighter, robust tank and damage dealer

  • Can incapacitate opponents

  • Weapons: one and two-handed swords, axes, crossbows, bows

  • Armour: chain armour, plated armour and shields

They are very clever and flexible fighters. With their feared attacks they take down enemies with violent close combat attacks. They can easily take severe hits and can survive heavy attacks by their opponents thanks to their perfect defence technique.

Defensive warriors are able to bond with their opponents and, with the help of their plate armour and shield, they are able to absorb physical damage. On the other side of the mirror, offensive warriors are able to inflict large amounts of damage with two-hand weapons.

Equipment: with one and two handed swords, axes, crossbows and bows, warriors have a large range of weaponry to hand. They can also wear chain mail armour or plate armour as well as all types of shields.


Magicians are masters of magic and rulers of the elements.

  • Long-range fighter, vulnerable damage dealer

  • Fire, ice and lightning magic

  • Can incapacitate his opponents

  • Weapons: canes, magic and ganthas

  • Armour: material armour and light armour

As they were once instructed by Pauldron, the God of Thunder, the magicians are able to transcend the boundaries of the tangible and change Mana into a powerful magic.Thus they have the gift to rule the elements and use them for their purposes: from explosive attacks to large scale magic and attacks which cause damage over time.

Their weak armour and low endurance make them very vulnerable against attacks, therefore they should be played with caution.

Equipment: magicians fight from distance and wear fabric armour or light armour. They create additional power via rods, magical staffs and ganthas.


Just like the water god Rekamies, priests protect their companions from danger in a noble and gracious manner.

  • Long-range fighter, healer and supporter

  • Good in group play

  • Weapons: rods, magical staffs and ganthas

  • Equipment: fabric armour and light armour

In the past Rekamies the water goddess gave the priests the gift to protect the allies and heal them. When fighters are in danger, the priests are often their last hope. Priests also have the capability to use destructive magic, with which they are able to put up a fight and inflict large amounts of damage. For this reason the priests are considered to be guardian angels, as well as being messengers of death.

As a priest of darkness, they are able to daze their opponents or turn them into harmless squirrels in order to reduce the number of opponents. Using devotement and foresight they are able to strengthen or heal their companions - or revive them if they should die.

Equipment: rods, magical staffs and ganthas lend them additional power. For protection, they wear fabric or light armour.

Night Walkers

Nimble, quick-sighted and dangerous - the night walkers use darkness to ambush their opponents.

  • Close combat, causes large amounts of damage

  • Are able to hide and make opponents unable to fight

  • Weapons: bows, crossbows, chakrams, daggers and one-handed swords

  • Equipment: leather and hard leather armour

They are calm, calculated and lightning fast. As a result they are in no way inferior to their patron, Pendatron the god of darkness. They are able to move deep into enemy territory, attack their enemy by surprise and then return to the shadows.

When they are discovered, their skills are not very effective - just as they are when at great distance from the enemy.

Equipment: they wear leather or hard leather armour and are as a result not as well protected as warriors. Alongside chakrams and daggers, they are able to make use of bows, crossbows and one-handed swords.

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