You can get to the overview of your skills via the corresponding symbol in the menu bar or by clicking on the key K. Skills are divided up into two categories: general and class-specific.

Armour and weapons that the character can wear belong to the general skills. You can also find skills that each class has (return to the village, evade target etc.) there.

Class-specific skills are divided up into three categories that differ from class to class. You can find out more information in the game by running your mouse cursor over the skills.

Skill and system points

Skill points improve your skills. Every two levels you receive new points. To improve your skills click on + in the corresponding symbols. Each increases costs skill points - more than one in some cases. Some skills require a minimum number of skill and system points.

You can see how many skill points are available to you in the skill window at the top left. The system points on the right side of the window shows you how many skill points you have distributed in total.

Think carefully about how you distribute your points. You cannot learn all skills equally well!

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