There's a number of mounts in Iberia: Horses, Buffalo, Caribou and other unique creatures. With a mount you can quickly move through 4Story from one city or quest to another. You also render a good service in war, as you are on site more quickly and can immediately join in the battle. If you need to flee, only very few can catch up with you.

Buying a mount

You can buy a normal mount at the mount dealer's in the game or buy special mounts in the cash shop.

To buy a mount in the cash shop, click on the coin symbol in the middle of the lower part of the screen. A window will immediately open, in which you can see the individual item categories. If you want to leave the shop, press ESC.

To buy an item, simply search in the corresponding category, select the item and then click on the shopping cart on the right side. The item will immediately be put in your deposit.

Choose a suitable mount from our cash shop and then click on buy item.

Once you have purchased a mount, you'll find it in your deposit. To move it into your inventory, select it and click on Fetch or drag it into the inventory by holding down your left mouse button.


When you have purchased an item, you can pick it up from your deposit. You will find it next to the coin symbol on the lower part of the screen and it will be displayed as a chest. Click on the chest symbol, choose an item and click on Fetch.

As soon as the mount is in your inventory, you can double click on it to open the calling window.

Now simply select Create to bring your mount to life. The next step is to give your mount a name and to confirm it with Yes. Now the mount is bound to you.

Using Mounts

Use the P key to open the overview. Choose a mount, click on Call and it will appear next to you immediately.

Right click on your mount to access the menu. Click on Mount to get on the saddle and ride through the wonderful world of 4Story.

If you want to get off again, right click on your mount and select Dismount. You can also drag its symbol from the mount overview into your skill tab to mount it more quickly.

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