The values of your characters are displayed in the character window.

Basic attributes

Only the enhanced attributes influence your character's behaviour in battle. The basic attributes affect the enhanced attributes first.

  • Strength: physical damage

  • Agility: long-range combat damage, evasion chance against attacks

  • Endurance: health points and their regeneration

  • Intelligence: magic damage

  • Wisdom: magic hit chance, magic evasion

  • Volition: mana and its regeneration

You can increase each of these values with magical items.

Enhanced attributes

The enhanced attributes are divided up into two categories: physical and magical. For classes that cause physical damage, physical attributes are more relevant, whereas magical classes should focus on magical attributes.

Physical attributes

  • Damage: determines the amount of close combat damage.

  • Armour: determine how much physical damage you can evade.

  • Long-range combat: displays how much damage you can cause with your distance weapons.

  • Hit chance: influences success chance during physical attacks.

  • Evade: increases the evasion chance during physical attacks.

  • Critical hits: increases the chance of a critical hit.

Magical attributes

  • Damage: determines the amount of magic.

  • Armour: determines how much magic damage you can evade.

  • Concentration: shows how well your opponents can intercept your magic.

  • Hit chance: influences the success chance during magical attacks.

  • Resistance: increases your resistance against magic.

  • Critical hits: Increases the chance of managing a critical magic hit.

You can increase each of these values with magical items.

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