The Battlefield is a group arena. Two teams of five players attempt to drive Titans into the enemy base and defeat the enemy team. At the same time, they must defend their own base from attack.


There are no time limits for matches on the Battlefield. The Battlefield starts as soon as all 10 players are present and ready for battle.

The match ends when one team has defeated two Titans in the enemy base, or when an entire team has been defeated. If a team leaves the Battlefield prematurely, the opposing team is declared the winner.


The aim on the Battlefield is to drive the Titans into the enemy base and defeat them there. The first team to achieve this is the victor.

At the beginning of the match there are three Titans at strategic points in the middle of the Battlefield. These points are joined together by paths.

The teams need to defeat the Titans as quickly as possible to ensure victory.

Fighting on the Battlefield:

  1. Click on 'War' in the menu to open the Battlefield window.

  1. Select 'Enter Battlefield'.
  2. The first time you enter you will be asked to select a Battlefield name.
  1. Choose this name carefully, as it is linked to your account and all of your characters.
  • Your Battlefield name is a kind of access card, which allows you to participate in Battlefield matches.
  • The name may only contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.
  • Once a name has been chosen it cannot be changed.
  1. After you have chosen a Battlefield name, a window will open with various options. Here you can set up the Battlefield basics for your team.

By default none of the options are selected. You can activate the desired options using medals. The medal costs are displayed in the bottom right.

Start the Battlefield

  1. Add friends, or enter a player's name manually, to add them to your group.

You can also have the system search for suitable players. To do so, select the option 'Start Battle'.

  1. As soon as you have found a team, your character will automatically be teleported to the map.


  • Your group members and their basic details (class, level, name etc.) are displayed in the top left.
  • There is a map of the Battlefield between the skill bars. Here you can see the position of your group members and the Titans.
  • The opposing group, including names and levels, is displayed in the top right.
  • The number of points you have collected is displayed in the bottom right.
  1. Each group member receives points every five seconds, which they can swap for weapons or use to upgrade their weapons and equipment.

  1. Points can also be earned by fighting the various monsters found on the Battlefield.

  1. Some skills are only available after levelling up.

* It is not necessary to upgrade the skills. Skills are automatically unlocked when levelling up.

  • Some skills are only available in group combat. They share a single cooldown.

There are also further items in your inventory which can be used with Battle Points. Each of these items has its own cooldown.

  • You can exchange Battle Points for items at this merchant. The items only work on the Battlefield!

  • The Titans are positioned on the waypoints between the two teams. The status bar shows which team currently has greater control over the Titan. When the red team has the upper hand, the blue bar shrinks, and vice versa.

Once a Titan has been defeated, it remains destroyed.

At the top of the screen there is an indicator showing the match length and the teams' points.

Interface – Scoreboard

If you click the flag underneath the time indicator, the battle statistics are displayed showing how many points each team has earned.

  1. General information – displays character level, class and name.
  2. K/A/D
  3. K (Kills) - indicates the number of defeated opponents.
  4. A (Assists) - indicates how often a player assisted in defeating an enemy player.
  5. D (Deaths) – indicates the number of deaths on this Battlefield.
  6. Death on the Battlefield is not permanent. Characters are resurrected after a certain amount of time.
  7. Battle Points – indicates how many points were earned.
  8. Honour Points Earned – the player with the most points overall is awarded MVP (Most Valuable Player).
  9. Result – shows the number of defeated Titans.

When the battle is over, all of the players are automatically teleported from the Battlefield.

All players receive a reward for playing.


The winners are rewarded with Gold, Honour Points and Experience Points. These are apportioned according to each player's performance and Battle Points.


The losers also receive (a smaller amount of) Gold, Honour Points and Experience Points. These are apportioned according to each player's performance and Battle Points.

MVP Reward

The MVP receives a special reward.

All rewards may at any time be changed or adjusted.


  • When entering the Battlefield, all players receive the same basic equipment. These items disappear again when leaving the Battlefield.
  • The inventory is swapped for special items on the Battlefield. The original inventory is restored again after the match.
  • Options on additional items (e.g. jewellery) remain.
  • Options which provide an advantage in combat are curtailed.
  • A maximum of 200 Battle Points can be earned per match.
  • The cooldown for resurrecting is adjusted according to the length of the match (one second per minute on the Battlefield). For example, if the match has already gone on for 20 minutes, then characters will be resurrected after 20 seconds.
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