My name is Sciurus, delegate of the Squirrel Army. I will explain to you how our Crystal Games work.

You can find them in the following cities of Iberia:

  • Tebekut (Harmony Plain)
  • Markut (Headquarters of the Battle Magicians)
  • Keter (Magnaktia Soldier's District)

There are various types of Crystal Games. Each one requires a different crystal in order to take part:

  • Crystal Game (small) - Small Crystal
  • Crystal Game (normal) - Normal Crystal
  • Crystal Game (large) - Large Crystal
  • Crystal Game (moon) - Moon Crystal

You can get the small, normal and large crystals from my good friend for silver, the Crystal Merchant next to the games. You can get the Moon Crystal for moonstones in the Cash Shop or sometimes in special promotions in the Bonus Shop.

You start a Crystal Game with a double-click. Next you’ll see a symbol for rock, paper, scissors. Click with the mouse on a number of your choosing or on one of the symbols: It will compete with the randomly selected red symbol.

You can see which symbol will win in which match in the following table:

Scissor Rock Paper
Scissor x 0 1
Rock 1 x 0
Paper 0 1 x

Explanation of the table:
1: wins
0: loses
x: undecided

If you win a round, you can either use the prize or use it again to try in another stage: The more times you win in a row, the more valuable the reward is. If you lose, however, it becomes lost.

Each of these games has different lists of prizes:

Crystal Game (small)

Round Prize
1 2 Silver
2 4 Silver
3 8 Silver
4 16 Silver
5 32 Silver
6 64 Silver
7 128 Silver

Crystal Game (normal)

Round Prize Bonus
1 20 Silver
2 40 Silver
3 80 Silver
4 160 Silver
5 320 Silver
6 Serendipity Potion(100%) 160 Silver
7 Premium Life Ampoule

Crystal Game (large)

Round Prize Bonus
1 100 Silver
2 200 Silver
3 400 Silver
4 800 Silver
5 1 Gold, 600 Silver
6 5x Survival Tincture 1 Gold, 600 Silver
7 Alchemist's Formula 3 Gold, 200 Silver

Crystal Game (Moon)

Round Prize Bonus
1 8x Mighty Spark of Life
2 2x Will to Live 4x Mighty Spark of Life
3 2x Large Experience Blessing 2x Will to Live
4 Drake Rune 6x Large Experience Blessing
5 Box of the Angry Fire Spirit 14x Will to Live
6 Box of the Young Fire Dragon 20x Large Experience Blessing
7 Behemoth Whelp Rune 12x Strong Will to Live

I wish you lots of success while playing!

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