Boost Weeks and Free Moon Crystals

Events 11/30/2018


Level like mad till Christmas! Enjoy cool boosts from 1st December so you can unlock your full potential:

1st–2nd December: 100% EXP and 100% item drops

8th–2th December: 150% EXP and 200% item drops

15th–16th December: 150% EXP and 100% magic item drops

21st–26th December: 150% EXP and 200% magic item drops

As if that weren’t enough, we’re also rewarding you for your time in Iberia on the following days – you simply need to be online during the following times:

2nd December: 6 PM till midnight

9th December: 6 PM till midnight

16th December: 6 PM till midnight

23rd–26th December: 6 PM till midnight each day

In reward you’ll receive a Moon Crystal every 2 hours, meaning you can collect up to 3 crystals every day!

The 4Story Team

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