Iberian Christmas Leveling!

Events 03/15/2018

Dear Iberians,

Christmas is coming and that means more time to level up!
Our event squirrels have worked some magic for you. Starting December 1st, you will receive a permanent gift that helps you to level faster from level 91 to 140 with each level-up. What's better than that in December? You've got it - Leveling even faster with our seasonal event month! Here's an overview of our planned events during the festive season:

Week 1: 01.12.-08.12.2017 - 100% EXP / 125% Drop / 75% Honour
Week 2: 09.12.-15.12.2017 - 200% EXP / 150% Drop / 150% Honour
Week 3: 16.12.-22.12.2017 - 300% EXP / 175% Drop / 225% Honour
Week 4: 23.12.-01.01.2018 - 400% EXP / 200% Drop / 300% Honour

Wishing you a high-leveling Christmas,

The 4Story Team

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