From the beginning of time there was never a separation between heaven and earth. Everything was a gaping hole of emptiness without a beginning and without an end. But then the first two gods entered the world. They were divinities with creative powers. The honourable Leya embodied light and hope and fought tirelessly and with exceptional ambition for harmony and life. Bergelius on the other hand committed himself to nothingness. Superciliously he made sure that he did not have to share his powers with anyone else. The hostility between Leya and Bergelius continued to grow until one day a terrible battle broke out between them. Leya lost the battle condemning her to a life in Bergelius' captivity.

He created a mysterious place of darkness - which was cold and surrounded by shadows. The goddess, imprisoned, but still full of hope, used her supernatural abilities to look upon the creation of her adversary. With her own powers she created the interplay between heaven and hell. This phenomenon was later renamed day and night. At the same time Leya also laid the foundations of life: Earth, water, air and fire.

She decorated the world with continents, vegetation and diverse creatures on the mainland and in the water. She gave one of the continents the name Andaron - today's Iberia - and she called her first inhabitants Mu. As she could not defend her creation herself, she conceived eight protection gods and put them in charge of protecting the world.

Bergelius did not notice Leya's creation until it had been completed. Deeply unhappy that he had been so unobservant, he ordered Parakelius, one of his most loyal servants, to destroy her creation again as quickly as possible. Parakelius and his followers immediately made their way towards the idyllic world. A bleak cloud of fog drew over the country, spreading fear and horror. Parakelius misled the Mu with his maliciousness and convinced them to join the Reign of the Shadows. Andaron's peace was destroyed.

The eight protection gods sent a great flood to destroy all evil and hence save Andaron. The mass of water almost obliterated all living creatures in the world. The few who survived, fled to the island Britron, on the west coast of Iberia.

The evil influence however remained unbroken: in the island's isolation many became abominable beasts. Parakelius used his influence and transformed Britron's inhabitants into monsters. The creatures on that island formed the militant tribe of the Rahu.

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