Ever since patch 4.1, Crabs, Minitaurus and other companions have been by your side. They improve your attributes, have their own skills and remain loyally by your side until you send them away. Some of them can be found in-game from non-humanoid monsters and others await in the cash shop.

If you have a Companion Rune, double-click on it and give your companion a name. Doing so adds it to your Companion Administration. There, you can summon or remove it as well as see its values and skills. You can enter a maximum of five pets, but only one can be active. If all storage spaces are taken and you still want to add another companion, you will need to first remove one of the others. If you remove a pet, you cannot restore it!

According to how many health points your companion has, they are:

  • Exhausted (below 2400 HP)
  • Normal (between 2400 and 10,000 HP)
  • Healthy (above 10,000 HP)

These statuses are affected by the health point loss and experience gain of your companion.

If the health points of a companion sink to below 2400, you will have to first revive them before their bonuses count again. You can increase your companion's health points using 'Will to Live'. You can receive these items in-game and in the shop.

Once companions have gathered enough experience, they will grow one level and their bonuses will improve. You can speed this growth up by using an 'Experience Blessing'. These items are also available in-game or in the shop. Your companion can use this method to grow up to level 10. After this, they will receive a random level between 11 and 13, and cannot grow any further.

With every level increase, you can distribute an attribute point. You will be able to distribute a total of 10 points in each attribute. Think carefully about which attribute you want to increase, because you won't be able to undo it afterwards! For every pet in your Companion Administration, you also receive +1 on each attribute.

Give your companions special skills using the 'Monster Accessories'.

All important information on the companion system can also be found in our 4Cast on this topic:

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