The war between Valorian and Derion rampages relentlessly and you could be the deciding factor in who wins this conflict. From level 10 onwards there are special battles at particular locations - the Mission Maps. Enter them to occupy the embattled area for your kingdom.

What is a mission map?

The Mission Map is a special instance of a known area in which Derion and Valorian battle for supremacy. There are not the same kind of quests as you would find in the normal play area, instead there is a special repeatable quest.

  • Keter (Valorian): Quest starts at Noel

  • Markut (Derion): Quest starts at Sunny

How do I get to a mission map?

To enter such an instance, you will require the corresponding secret document. These can be obtained by looting monsters in your level range or by buying them in the main towns.

  • Keter (Valorian): buy for Gold at Lion or for achievement points at Peterson

  • Markut (Derion): buy for Gold at Rain Bird or for achievement points at Lokbain

Afterwards, enter through the mission portal and you'll land right in the thick of the action.Every time that you enter a mission map, a secret document is used.

I'm in the mission map, what now?

In the mission maps, the idea is to protect your commander and to beat the opponent's commander. For every complete hour, they appear in four of the eight embattled areas. The precise times can be found in the guild window under territories.

The location of the fight within the mission map can be reached in lightning speed, if you use the region portal - travel to the missions zone. As soon as the opponent's commander is defeated, the mission map will belong to the victorious faction until the next battle.

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