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Level 140, Lapiris
Alright, I am trying to log into game again. I have got it to where it pulls up the game and loads to the sign in page, but then the game crashes. I'm at a loss on what to do. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled gameforge and 4story both at the same time. No idea what to do now. Any ideas?
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Question 1:  During your reinstall did you completely delete the install file from your C:\Program Files\GameforgeLive\Games\GBR_eng 


if not give this an attempt first. 


OS version:

amount of ram:

GPU: integrated or dedicated, what model

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Created 350 days ago #3
Level 140, Lapiris
Night Walker
Risi....... I hope you remember me. #EMO_ALT_1# good to see you. <3

are you using windows 10? Some times the virus software prevents you from getting on to the game. try disabling it for the time being to see if it is that issue as well
Created 350 days ago #4
Level 140, Lapiris
Rosso! Long time no see, how is alfa doing?
Created 350 days ago #5
Level 138, Lapiris
I have to disable my antivirus/firewall to play the game.... It thinks the *protect* hackShield thing is a virus and quarantines it. Then crashes the game as you say on the login screen or maybe a little after.
(I don't recommend doing this though)

But just check and see if your current antivirus has the option to allow all the necessary programs/ .exe files you need to load the game up, because it may be blocking some.
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