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Did you ever consider to offer your time in giving support for free to players as a Board Moderator?

If the answer is yes, consider the points below and if the applications are open feel free to submit an application )


What does a Board Moderator do?

MODs look after forums they are assigned to.

They are responsible to apply Board Rules and give out warnings, to help with suggestions, to edit and to close threads.






Being over 18 years old due to legal issues.

Having a considerable amount of time to offer to the job (At least a daily average of one hour).

Accepting positive feedback and criticism from other members of the team, while being able to successfully being part of it.

Having a helpful and easy going personality.

Enough game and rules experience to be able to actually help players.

A minimum amount of time being spent on IRC (specially support channels) after being hired.

Being able to enjoy team work and some fun!



What should you include in your application?

Some personal details.

Board account nickname.

If you were banned in the past on boards or in-game, what for.

The way you can fulfil the requirements above.

Briefly some real life work and studying experience.

Why we should hire you.

What actually motivates you to apply.

4story experience at as well as other communities.

Experience in other Games and Communities.



Note: Applications not meeting requirements will be rejected. A scanner would be a great benefit, though not necesarry if you are hired.




Send your application to:

Please make a subject of the email like this: YOUR NICK - Board Moderator Application Board Administration

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we are still looking for a few new mods so send in those apps if you want to became apart of the forum team o.o
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erm i turn 18 in april 4th can i apply now ? >.< ^__^
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ur application would be held until you turn 18

If the server breaks, it was probably me

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Hello, I'm from another server, (Nexon, Gates, Greek, and Global) I was wondering if I could apply perhaps? And Scanner explain?
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This here resurrected thread has caught my interest,good job randomer.
Where do I apply for CM?
Created 2753 days ago #8

And Scanner explain?

So you could scan your DPA :)

  Board Admin  

  Forum & Game Rules  

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Lol u need all that stuff..
Created 1929 days ago #10
Level 97, Lapiris
I wonder what digi would say if i applied #EMO_ALT_1#
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