Gold Rush in Iberia

Events 05/23/2019

There's been another outbreak of gold fever! Thieves have attacked the ore caravans and looted Bronze Bars. These Bronze Bars have been shared out among numerous monsters throughout Iberia. The alchemist Corneus needs seven bars plus an Astral Stone (small) to forge them into a Silver Bar. You can find the Astral Stone (small) in Marduk's Nest and the Hell Flame Labyrinth.

Open the Silver Bar and you'll receive one of these rewards:

  • 140% Growth Potion (4 hours)
  • Will to Live
  • Serendipity Potion (150%)
  • Medium Experience Blessing
  • Miracle Powder
  • Astral Stone (large)
  • Potion of Recklessness (3 hours)
  • Strong Will to Live
  • Hunting Fortune (30 days)

However, you can also collect those Silver Bars to receive even more impressive rewards. Corneus can transform five Silver Bars and an Astral Stone (large) into a Gold Bar. You can find an Astral Stone (large) in Marduk's Nest and from the Attack of the Dragons.

The Gold Bar contains one of these rewards:

  • Great Fortune (cash)
  • Serendipity Potion (200%)
  • Large Experience Blessing
  • Gorilla (mount)
  • Greater Survival Tincture
  • Medium Survival Tincture
  • Formula of Transformation
  • Serendipity Potion (300%)
  • Cash Gemstone

Enjoy the Gold Rush,

The 4Story Team
P.S. You can also collect a certain number of small Astral Stones for bonus points. All the materials required for crafting Gold Bars can also be found in the cash shop.

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