Celebrate a spooky Halloween in Iberia!

Events 03/06/2018

The sky darkens across the land. It's getting spooky in Iberia once again from 18/10 till 08/11. Help merchant Jack O' Lantern and retrieve the stolen invitations.

Spooky chests have appeared all across the land. You can pick them up in the shop or as a reward for victory on the Battlefield, in Marduk's Nest and the Attack of the Dragons. Use this chance to get:

  • Creepy companions: Get yourself an Ogre, Skeleton, or other evil creatures!
  • Everything for your pet: Support your little helper with a Strong Will to Live, a Large Experience Blessing and other useful items!

Celebrate with Jack and all of Iberia – some terrifying nights await!

The 4Story Team

PS: From 30.10. to 02.11.2017:

+ 200% more EXP/Drop/Honour Points and every 4 hours one Serendipity Potion (150%).

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