December Specials in the 4Story Shop

Events 01/12/2015

New goods have arrived to market! A caravan from the Highlands has appeared in Tebekut bearing Christmas goodies. As well as a range of mount packages you'll find the following items in our cash shop from 4/12/2014 until 7/1/2015:

  • White Majestic Horse (Permanent): The majestic horses of the Highlands are as white as the driven snow! Spring onto the back of one of these glorious rare beasts and charge into battle.
  • Gorilla (Permanent): This exotic mount from the heart of the jungle will carry you through Iberia on the wings of the wind.
  • Christmas Feline Bag: With a bit of luck you can pick up a Mighty Will to Live for your companion, a Serendipity Potion (300%), a Cash Gemstone and more.
  • Father Christmas Costume: Ho! Ho! Ho! Dress up ready to celebrate Christmas!
  • Christmas Feline Beanie: In cold weather like this the right headgear is a must.

Use this opportunity and treat yourself to a fun present for bonus points every day, and get your hands on one of the following items:

  • Survival Tincture
  • Mighty Spark of Life
  • Serendipity Potion (150%)
  • Potion of Recklessness (1 hour)
  • …and more!

In addition, monsters are more likely to drop Experience Blessings and Sparks of Life.

Of course we also have some eye candy of our own in store: our GMs will be there to lend a hand, all dressed up in festive clothes with Yuletide mounts.

Wishing you a peaceful time in Iberia,

The 4Story Team

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