Iberian Festival

Events 10/10/2019


October is the month for the Iberian Festival! Join the celebrations from 12.10 at 00:00 until 13.10 at 23:59. All weekend you will have:

  • 200% EXP
  • 100% Honor
  • 150% Magic Item Drops

Every 12 hours you will find monsters in Iberia (10:00/22:00). Kill them and collect the loot!

For each hour that you spend in the game, fighting the monsters or enemies (except Battle Ground or Battle of Worlds), you will get a beer to refresh!

And, if you are online on 12.10 at 18:00, you will get a chest from Gundel where you can get one of these items:

  • Gorilla (mount)
  • Serendipity Potion (300%)
  • Great Fortune (cash)
  • Cash Gemstone
  • Greater Survival Tincture
  • Medium Survival Tincture
  • Serendipity Potion (200%)
  • Potion of Recklessness (3 hours)
  • Premium Speed Potion

Your 4Story-Team

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