My name is Corneus, Lord Tristan's alchemist. In this guide I explain how you can transform bronze into gold. Oh yes, that is possible! But it'll only work during the gold rush. During this time you can loot bronze bars from all monsters.

I'm a metal expert, so you should bring them to me. During the gold rush, you'll be able to find me on the Harmony Plain at the teleporter's.

Give me seven Bronze Bars as well as a special Astral Stone (bronze to silver) and I'll show you the magic of transmutations: I can make valuable silver from bronze!

You can receive the Astral Stone once a day during the event for bonus points or permanently in the Cash Shop.

Break a Silver Bar by double clicking and then you will find one of these valuable items:

  • Astral Stone (silver to gold)
  • Mighty Spark of Life
  • Scroll of Constancy
  • Potion of Recklessness (1 hours)
  • Saddle of Swiftness (7 days)
  • Bonus points
  • 140% Growth Potion (4 hours)
  • Quest EP (150%)

Instead of instantly breaking the Silver Bar, you can collect several. As soon as you have brought me five of these bars and an Astral Stone (silver to gold), I will transform them into gold. You can receive the Astral Stone (silver to gold) for Moonstones in the Cash Shop.

As soon as you own a Gold Bar and double click on it, it breaks and reveals one of the following items:

  • Permanent Albino Tarantula
  • Companion Rune (Tiger Tarantula)
  • Companion Rune (Forest Tarantula)
  • Miracle Powder
  • Mount: Tiger Tarantula (30 Days)
  • Mount: Forest Tarantual (30 Days)
  • Mount: Albino Tarantula (30 Days)
  • Strong Will to Live
  • Large Experience Blessing
  • Collection (companion skill)
  • Guardian Angel (companion skill)

Have you been bitten by the gold fever bug? I'll only be offerring my services in Iberia for a short time. So hurry up!

Good luck on the hunt for the big gold! May the goddess be with you!

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