Created 969 days ago #1
Level 93, Lapiris
Hi before I quit I managed to destroy 3 x +22 rods trying to make 1 x+24 ( although I would have stuck with +23 as never had rod higher than 22), and hey presto made 3 x +19 ( so no surprise there then, except wasted a ton of mats in the process and weeks and weeks of my life farming Marduk that I will never get back lol )

If anyone is selling, trading a few GT's or know anyone that is please message here or in-game to TheMuffinMan.

Only looking for enough to make 19> +22, as I'm done trying to make any higher.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help :-)
"Hey there, Boo Boo!"
Created 960 days ago #2
Level 120, Lapiris

Do you have a +22 cbow for trade? I have a +19/38 I am trying to make to 22 so that I can turn it into 19/48 cbow. But, I am having no such luck. So if you have any comp even 22/ comp 34 or 22/ comp 25 cbow that you could trace for some GT, please let me know so I can gather the GT for you. any +22 cbow will be fine.

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